Hootsuite Tutorial

If you haven’t tried Hootsuite yet, you need to give it a go – it has fantastic features to organize your Twitter followers, track clicks from your tweets, schedule tweets for later and you can even manage Facebook and LinkedIn from there also. What’s not to love? Watch the video for the tutorial.

About Grandma Mary

Grandma Mary is a slightly cranky Social Media Edutainer, helping small businesses leverage the power of social media. Learning social media is wayyy more fun with Grandma Mary.


  1. Grandma Mary,
    I really love all the content that you do. You are awesome. The one thing I appreciate about you is that you start at the beginning and don’t leave out any steps. Great tutorial!

    Have a great day!

  2. Thanks Tim! You rock!

  3. Muy bueno el vídeo!! aquí os dejo otro que se puede complementar.
    http://www.uncomo.com/video/como-anadir-una-red-social-en-hootsuite-2460.htmlUn saludo!!

  4. jootsuite.com tutorials for hootsuite

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