Facebook Ads Mini Course

Mini Course: How to Get Highly Targeted Leads the Easy Way with Facebook Ads… yours FREE when you sign up for my weekly newsletter

Course includes free e-book and 2 videos that cover Facebook Ad basics, setting up your Facebook Ads funnel, split testing and more.

Learn some of the mistakes you need to avoid so that you can make the most of your Facebook Advertising spend.

Find out how to read the Ad Reports so that you know which ad is performing best.

Andrea is incredibly knowledgeable about social media in general and Facebook in particular. Not only that, but because she has a background as an “Edutainer,” her presentation skills excel far beyond your typical speaker. She is engaging, funny, learned, wise and just plain fun to listen to. By the end of her presentation you feel invigorated and excited – like you have not only learned something, but have been entertained in the process.

– Viveka von Rosen
Author of LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day

Andrea rocks Facebook Marketing. She has her finger on the pulse of what is working right now for companies on Facebook and she can teach it to you in an easy-to-understand and entertaining way. If you want to reach your customers and get more leads on Facebook, Andrea will show you how. Two huge thumbs up for this likeable lady!

– Dave Kerpen
Founder & CEO, Likeable Local, NY Times Best-Selling Author & Speaker

Andrea is simply outstanding. Her knowledge is deep, work ethic is strong and she is a team player. She has brought an enormous value to Social Media Examiner on so many fronts.

– Michael Stelzner
Founder of Social Media Examiner

3 Key Elements to a Winning Facebook Ads Proposal

Writing a good Facebook Ads proposal isn’t just about listing your services and your fees.  Anyone can do that! If you want to win the business you need to add a little more excitement into your proposal. When you demonstrate that you understand their issues, you have a method that works, and you are the […]

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New Facebook Ads Manager Layout

Every few months it feels like there is a new Facebook Ads Manager layout.  Which is frustrating when you feel like you JUST got used to the old one! Facebook likes to move things around.  Which keeps advertisers and marketers on our toes.  And sometimes a little cranky when we just wrote a brand new […]

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3 Tips for Running Facebook Ads for Clients

One of the biggest mistakes I see when people run Facebook Ads for clients is they aren’t running the ads on separate Ad accounts or on the client’s account. There are 3 big reasons to make sure you run the ads on separate accounts. 3 Reasons Why You Must Run Facebook Ads on Separate Accounts […]

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