Facebook Ads Funnel Hacking

Friday, April 26, 2019 at 4 PM – 8 PM UTC+03

Need to run Facebook or Instagram Ads for your Start up?  Find out the types of ad campaigns are most effective for your stage of business, how you can set up effective split testing, where the Facebook Pixel fits into your strategy and how to grow your business with a multi-step funnel.  This will be a fast paced and informative session that you will then implement throughout the weekend and coming weeks.

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Free webinar with SEMrush on May 7th

Social Chat 2.4: Simple Hacks to Instantly Increase Facebook Ad Conversions
Hosted by Rebekah Radice with Andrew Foxwell, Amanda Robinson and Andrea Vahl

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The Latest Digital Marketing Knowledge. Actionable Workshops. Networking Fun in Bali.

1 – 4 November 2019 | Bali

This year’s theme “Digital Mindfulness” will be accompanying participants throughout the 3 days at DMSS, coming to life in some workshops, networking sessions or in the way how we set up the conference: environmental-friendly and with a focus on meaningful connections.

We are covering all aspects from ethical business practices, to conscious consumption, to mindful design of marketing channels and living a more conscious & joyful (business) life.

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