About Andrea Vahl: Social Media Consultant and Speaker

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Social Media is a game-changer for businesses and if you aren’t leveraging that power, you may get left behind.  People now use social media to get recommendations for what to buy and where to shop.  When you participate on social media, you stay top-of-mind with your customers.

Plus you can now use social advertising – Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads and more – to precisely reach your perfect customer without spending an arm and a leg.

I am passionate about helping small businesses understand and leverage the power of social media to actually grow their business.

I co-authored the book Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies and  I was the Community Manager for Social Media Examiner, one of the largest social media sites, for over two years.

I’m also the co-founder of Social Media Manager School, an online training course that has helped over 1400 students learn how to start their own business as a social media manager or consultant.  And I’ve taught 100s of students how to use Facebook and Instagram Ads in my Facebook Advertising Secrets Course.

I speak at many events all over the world and on webinars.  Find out more about booking me as a social media speaker.


Andrea Vahl is a Social Media Speaker and Consultant who is passionate about helping businesses understand and leverage the power of social media to actually grow their business.  Andrea is the co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies and was the Community Manager for Social Media Examiner, for over 2 years.

She was named 50 Favorite Online Influencers of 2014 on Entrepreneur.com, 21 Best Blogs That Will Help You Grow Your Business on Inc.com in 2016, and Top 30 Women in Social Media by Boom Social. She the co-founder of Social Media Manager School, a course that’s helped over 1400 people learn social media and start a business.  Andrea Vahl’s proven ability to make social media marketing easy to understand and implement has directly impacted the bottom line of thousands of companies through her training and one-on-one consulting.  Learn more about Andrea’s books, resources, and get her Quick Start Guide to Social Media for Business on her website, www.AndreaVahl.com.

Top Credentials:

If you are confused about how you can build and grow your business online, hire me.  I’ve worked with a wide variety of businesses all over the world:  local businesses, restaurants, speakers, coaches, non-profits, HVAC contractors, franchise owners, and more.  I love helping companies develop their strategies.

More about how I got started….

I’ve been using Social Media and Internet Marketing successfully to promote my own businesses for years. I have also been doing Improvisational Comedy for 10 years.  As I was learning social media, I realized there were no entertaining tutorials – they were all boring and dry.  So I decided to blend the two things that I love doing into one business. I used one of my favorite characters and created Grandma Mary -Social Media Edutainer.

As I grew my own social media presence and blog, I was asked to co-author Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies.  I had never dreamed that starting a blog would lead to a book deal and an international speaking career.

My passion is to help entrepreneurs and small businesses grow and use the internet to their fullest advantage. I do that through speaking, training, and my online courses.

I look forward to working with you!


Andrea Vahl (aka Grandma Mary) is an asset to anyone’s business. There are an extreme number of people in the social media arena. Andrea is at the top of the list. You owe it to yourself to connect with Andrea, not just for ideas and process, but for RESULTS! I highly recommend Andrea.

– Gary Barnes

The Traction Coach, www.GaryBarnesInternational.com

Winning a social media brainstorming session with Andrea Vahl (a.k.a. Grandma Mary) was a surprising and fabulous way to wrap up the year! We covered the realm of social media marketing and ventured right into business strategizing. She helped me unclog my brain and make some major decisions about incorporating my 30-year offline profession into my current online business. No easy task! Andrea is the perfect combination of warm and witty and she’s got absolute clarity and expertise in helping online marketers wow their target audience.

– Melanie Kissell

Founder, Solo Mompreneur

Andrea gave me a great explantion of ways to use social networking to promote my business. She helped me get started and has provided valuable input to make Facebook, and Linked In work for me!

– Linda Boyd

coaching client

Andrea Vahl is a savvy social media professional, specifically in the area of Facebook marketing. As the author of “Facebook Marketing All in One for Dummies,” she clearly has depth of knowledge about how to effectively use the largest social network on the Web. Andrea is an excellent teacher. She conveys the complexity of Facebook in easy to understand language and humor. My experience with Andrea as a joint venture partner has been excellent as well. She’s always ready to go the extra mile and make sure details are handled with speed and efficiency. I highly recommend Andrea Vahl’s training and consulting programs.

– Denise Wakeman

Online Visibility Expert

I can’t say enough great things about Andrea! Because I already do a good deal of social media for our business I was cautiously optimistic that Andrea would be able to share enough tips and tricks to wow me. But WOW, she did!! I came away from our phone consultation with so many great ideas and have been telling everyone I know about her since then. She really has her finger on the pulse of the social media industry and worked past the “Social Media 101″ right into LinkedIn, expanding Facebook and Twitter and some other web sites that I had never heard of. I would VERY highly recommend Andrea to anyone looking for a charming expert full of useful information. And, being a very small business, useful information is just what we needed. Andrea is also very well-spoken and I feel that she would be a truly fantastic speaker. Andrea is a pro through and through – a real gem.

– Laura DeVries


Andrea is simply outstanding. Her knowledge is deep, work ethic is strong and she is a team player. She has brought an enormous value to Social Media Examiner on so many fronts.
– Michael Stelzner

Founder, Social Media Examiner

I used to think getting a grip on the complexities of blogs and social media was a lot like avalanche training the more you learn the more you realize how much more you still have to learn however, sitting with andrea for a few hours with keyboard close by was hands on, informative, insightful, minimized my overwhelm and saved me loads of time thanks Grandma Mary!

– Gregg Bagni

coaching client

Andrea – Thanks so much for the fabulous social media talk you gave to the mastermind group yesterday! I have heard lots of information tips on social media, but this was the best by far! Concrete ideas that are useful and easy to implement. I went right home and got busy updating my Linkedin profile. Thank you! Thank you! Much appreciated.

– Kate Ray