Meet Grandma Mary

I originally started my blog as Grandma Mary – Social Media Edutainer in 2009.

When I was trying to learn about Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn (back in my day there were only 4 social media channels) to market my in-home wine tasting business, I noticed that there were a lot of BORING tutorials out there.  Not to mention incomplete information with too-cool dudes trying to use as many acronyms as possible.

So I decided to create the type of content I wanted to see.  Fun entertaining videos that were very useful.  I decided to blog as one of my Improv Comedy characters, Grandma Mary.

Grandma Mary’s inspirational phrase was “If Grandma Mary can do it, you can do it, too.”

I had a ton of fun making videos and doing interviews but eventually decided that Grandma Mary was going to retire because it got a little overwhelming to keep up two channels of information. And I also joked that I started to need her glasses.

Now I use Standup comedy as one of my main creative and fun outlets. But I still like to dress up and wear wigs from time to time 😄

Check out Grandma Mary’s YouTube channel where I did interviews, pep talks and tutorials.

Grandma Mary Says “Don’t Be Afraid to Be Different” at Ignite Fort Collins

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