I got to chat with the fabulous Denise Wakeman, blogging expert, at BlogWorld in LA.  She gave some great tips for getting started with your blog and how to avoid some of the biggest blogging mistakes.  Watch for all her great tips.

You can find Denise online at www.DeniseWakeman.com and www.Facebook.com/BlogSquad.  We also talk about her latest program www.SocialMediaBizSchool.com.  She will be presenting “Creating Your Editorial Calendar: How to be More Efficient and Save Time on Your Blog” on Monday, November 7th.  You still have time to sign up!  All the classes are recorded and available for replay in case you miss it.  More info at www.SocialMediaBizSchool.com.


BlogWorld tips from Rich Brooks and Denise Wakeman

I also wanted to include some of the fabulous tips provided by Denise and Rich at the BlogWorld LA session I attended.

Their session was titled:  How to Package, Promote & Profit from Your Expertise and focused on making money from products as a result of all your hard work blogging!

You can find Rich on Twitter at @therichbrooks and Denise is @denisewakeman

Great tips on how to get ideas on what types of products to create:

  • Go to Google and start typing “How to train….” or How to …. whatever and see what the suggested search ideas are.  Then you can see what are popular searches in the drop-down list.
  • Poll your audience.
  • Go to Quora and see what’s being asked.
  • Go to LinkedIn Answers and find out what types of questions people are asking about in your niche.

Not only do you want to create products to make money but they also elevate your standing.

Ask your connections what they want.

Use your blog posts of your highest traffic posts, collect them, edit them, and create an e-book.

Create an e-book to sell on Amazon for Kindle – sell it for an amazing price like 99 cents.  Tell them they can get a free MP3 (or other bonus) by going to your site and opting in.  Now you know who bought the product on Amazon, and you are getting paid to collect leads.  Those people are in your world and they may buy something more expensive from you later.

Create a CD with webinars, MP3s, and e-books for a complete package of products.

Easily integrate ways to collect money for your products with different shopping cart options.

Denise and Rich put together a HUGE list of resources for making money with your blog on Denise’s website, including all the slides from the session.  Definitely go and check that out:  http://denisewakeman.com/how-to-package-promote-and-profit-from-your-expertise-resources/

And, as Denise says, Blog on!