We sat down with John Lynch of Cripple Creek Barbeque and found out what he is doing right in Social Media. John has been a professional chef for the last 8 years. He has been making his own barbeque sauce and finally his friends and family convinced him that he needed to bottle it.

He started his company mid-2009 and knew that Social Media would be a big part of his strategy. He started using Facebook www.Facebook.com/CrippleCreekBBQ and had success there but has recently had more success with Twitter www.Twitter.com/CrippleCreekBBQ. Currently he’s selling his sauce in stores but about 90% of his sales are coming from Social Media.

How is he doing this and what is he doing right?

  1. Nice Website. Social Media increases the traffic to your website. Then it’s the job of your website to sell your product.  His website  is clean and easy to navigate.
  2. Interacting. John is tweeting often and updating his Facebook page daily.  If you look at his tweets, he hardly plugs his product.  He is having conversations, connecting and retweeting.  His Facebook updates draw comments.  He had a video on banana bread.  Is that related to BBQ?  No but it was valuable information.  He is providing value.
  3. Twitter avatar is his photo. People want to know who they are tweeting with – who is behind the brand.
  4. Great product. Social Media will only get you so far.  He has raving fans because his product is delicious.
  5. Measuring. He knows that he is getting value from Social Media because he sees the traffic coming in with analytics.

Found out that the spice rub, while good for meat, doesn’t do much for bunions. Watch the video and check out his site!  Leave a comment.