Twitter Tutorial

Step by Step Twitter Tutorial

Looking to get started on Twitter and don’t know how to start? Here are my videos on Twitter in a step-by-step manner. Take a look at these to get you started and if you want to go really in depth, you may want my book How to Use Twitter To Grow Your Business – good stuff!

Step 1 – What is Twitter?
Here’s a general explanation of Twitter and how to get signed up.

Step 2 – Hootsuite Tutorial

Hootsuite is my favorite Twitter tool – it has fantastic features to organize your Twitter followers, track clicks from your tweets, schedule tweets for later and you can even manage Facebook and LinkedIn from there also. What’s not to love? Watch the video for the tutorial.

Step 3 – Twitter Hashtags

What are those hashtags (#) and how do you use them? Find out in my video.

Step 4 – Twitter Lists

Twitter Lists can really help you organize your followers into groups so you can make sure you don’t miss any of their tweets. But even better, Twitter has made them public so you can subscribe to someone else’s list. Things are going to get funky when you add Tweetdeck or Hootsuite in there with columns of lists. Here is my tutorial on how to create a list and how to subscribe to other people’s lists.

Now of course there is already a website that shows a list of lists. Where will the madness end?

Step 5 – Twellow

Twellow is fantastic! Twellow, the “Yellow Pages of Twitter”, is a web-based Twitter tool that helps you search people’s bios and locations. It’s a great tool for searching on local tweeps to follow or just putting in keywords to target who you are following.

Step 6 – Follow Friday

Building on the hashtags is Follow Friday – what is it? When is it? When is Tuna Tuesday? Here are some tips on how to use Follow Friday well.

For More in-depth help, pick up a copy of my e-book:

how to use twitter to grow your business