Interview Request

microphoneThank you so much for your interest in interviewing me!  I am truly honored.

I have found that I’ve had to limit my total interviews to 4 per month and only 1/2 hour maximum time.  I love connecting with people but I was also finding that I wasn’t getting my work done and my family time was suffering.

I also am not able to participate in tele-summits that require me to mail the information to my e-mail list or promote the summit series.

I have a calendar where you can see my available slots here:  If for some reason this really doesn’t work with your schedule, I can try and find another time but I do a lot of client meetings and work during the other times of the week.

You can find my bio and headshots here:  Andrea Vahl Bio

And interview questions in advance are great but I can also “wing” it if that is what works with you 🙂