I’m out in Chicago for a nice visit with the family.  It’s good to get back to my midwest roots.  Solid.  But you can’t hang out with family all week.  You gotta get out.  I mean out out out GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!  Whew, and I’ve only been here one day.  So, thankfully, I was able to meet one of my long-time Social Media friends, Bill Crosby.

I have been watching Bill’s Ustream show Social Media Live for a year.  So I felt like I was meeting a celebrity.  I love his show.  He has been doing the show with Gabe Strom who is now moving to LA to do a Social Media Reality show – crazy!  Bill will now host the show with Alexis Karis (a really great guy, btw) and they will focus on tools to help your social media efforts.  They give amazing tips and trick on how to use Social Media and the internet and they have fun.  I’m all about having fun.

I sat down with Bill, talked about his upcoming ventures and he gave some great advice on how to get started with your internet business. Watch the video – we had fun!

You can also check out his newest site at Social Media Content Factory.  If you are looking for specific content to automatically be sent to your social media sites, this is a great deal!