Catherine CaineI am so excited that I’m doing a little happy dance.  I want to introduce Catherine Caine of Be Awesome Online.  She was kind enough to video tape a long-distance interview for me on how you can make your website better.  She lives in Australia so it was a little tough to get together – but I plan to come visit soon, Catherine!  So that gives you another reason to watch this video, because she’s got a really cool accent.

What does Catherine do?  She helps you be awesome online – it’s all in the title, people.  Basically she helps you get your website looking fabulous, and actually working for you.  I’ve worked with Catherine and she really knows her stuff.

Are you struggling with how to get your website up and working for that amazing idea you have to sell dolls made out of kumquats?  Catherine can help.  Not sure that is the best idea, but your website will look awesome!

But that’s not all.  Catherine is introducing a fabulous new product called Awesome Fear Wrangling on Friday which addresses the biggest thing that people face when working on their website:  Fear.  I know how it is, it’s scary, daunting and overwhelming.  And it can make you cranky!

That’s where her program comes in.  She will help you take that fear, that overwhelm out and get your website up and running in it’s full awesomeness.  She’s giving a special discount to Grandma Mary viewers so sign up for her list to be notified.  Plus she gives amazing tips on how to tweak your site so sign up for those here:  Awesome Fear Wrangling

Watch her lovely video interview: