Grandma Mary with Ambassador BrunyHow do you make the most of a large conference?  How do you meet people and make good connections?

While at SXSW last week along with 20,000 other people, I had the pleasure of meeting just the man who could answer those questions – Ambassador Bruny.  His latest project is “The New Art of Conference Networking: Hashtags to Handshakes.”

I chatted with him at the Copyblogger party and he gave some quick tips on how to network effectively!

Just to recap, here are his tips:

Focus:  What are your goals outside of the conference?

Engage:  Connect with people before the conference.  Reach out online

Attend:  Find ways to be helpful in person.

Follow Through:  Follow up with people after the conference.

Great information and make sure you connect with him on his site at and on Twitter @AmbassadorBruny