If you don’t know the Fabulous Sandy Grason then you don’t know what Mojo you are missing!  She is fantastic!  But more importantly she is using Social Media right.  She views Twitter as a big cocktail party, not a place to sell sell sell.  That’s not what it’s for, people!  She also calls her teleseminars a “virtual” cocktail party too, which is why I love her 🙂  She will be releasing her Fabulous Formula 2.0 (even more fabulousness) very shortly so stay tuned for that!

Let’s see what she’s doing right with Social Media:

  1. Twitter:  Connecting with people.  Sandy has a very large e-mail list of people who have opted in to get her Hot Mojo lifestyle tips.  Twitter is where she says hello, finds out how people are doing, and retweets things that are important to them.  She’s a giver.  Sure, she tweets out links to her blog posts but it’s so much more than that.
  2. Video:  Take one look at her blog and you will see that almost every entry has some video in there.  You feel like you know her after reading a couple posts.  She blings her video up with fancy music and lovely editing but you don’t have to start there.  Windows Movie Maker is free and is most likely already on your computer.  It is not hard to edit videos and put them up on YouTube.  Then you can embed them into your posts.
  3. She also continues to build her e-mail list with great free content.  Not exactly Social Media but e-mail isn’t dead, contrary to popular belief.  Offer some good free content and build your e-mail list.

Make sure you check out her site at www.SandyGrason.com and watch our interview – because we had fun!

The Fabulous Sandy Grason