Pep talk with Grandma MaryAre you busy all the time but you aren’t getting anything done?

I know how it is – I’ve been there myself – I can’t figure out why I have to stay up until 1 a.m. to get something done when I had a big chunk of the day free. Time to stop doing the busywork and focus on what’s important first.

Watch the video:

If you are crunched for time and just want the quick list, here ya go!

1. E-mail – stop checking it all time.
2. Overconsuming – you don’t need to learn everything before you can make progress in your own business. Do your own work first.
3. Social media – reign it in. When you shift gears to check Facebook or Twitter, you lose a lot of time. Schedule your posts and only check in 2-3 times per day max.


If you are really wondering what happens to your time, take an Excel spreadsheet with 15 minute increments and mark down what you do during each section of time.  Not only will this keep you more focused, you may be surprised where your time goes!

How about you – where do you find your biggest source of busywork is? Share your thought in the comments below!