On Wednesday I went to the 1-year Anniversary celebration of Conscious360‘s Networking group. This group was started by Cory Michelle Johnson as a way to bring Socially Conscious, Eco-friendly, and Spiritually Aware business owners together to network. It was fantastic! There were over 100 people there which is a fairly typical crowd for those events. So how did Cory do it? How did she grow this event so quickly? She used Social Media. Find out more in our interview.

She’s been using Facebook Events, Fan Pages as well as her own Facebook User account to grow the Denver networking group. They are expanding into Boulder and are looking to add Conscious360 events in other parts of the country. She has a big vision and is using Social Media to grow it. Take a look at their Fan Page here Facebook Conscious360. Make sure you follow Cory on Twitter: http://twitter.com/corymichelle