Social Media Success Plan Webinar Replay

Thanks everyone for attending the Social Media Success Planning session!  Here is the replay:

**Note that there will be a new webinar for 2014 coming soon! You will be notified of the new class!

In this session we covered:

  • What is working right now on Facebook and other social sites and how to keep ahead of the curve
  • What new platforms you should be paying attention to for big results
  • How to spend your time effectively so you are getting the biggest bang for your buck
  • How to create your social media activity outline to minimize stress in your day
  • How to set goals and measure them so you know what is working for you

You can also see the slides below. 

Then at the end of the webinar, I announced my new product: The Social Media Success Planning Kit.  The kit includes worksheets, assessments, and pre-built spreadsheets to   to help you achieve your goals and measure your results

  • The Social Media Success Planning Kit includes:
    • Initial Assessment
    • Goal and Growth Plan
    • Activity Calendar – Daily, Weekly, Monthly
    • Editorial Calendar – Daily, Monthly
    • Social Sites Statistics, Projections, and Results
  • Only $47
  • Go to to find out more and get yours now


Here are the slides from the webinar: