How to Import Your Blog into Facebook Using Networked Blogs

Have you imported your blog to automatically post to your Facebook Profile or Fan Page? Get on it people! I know there is lots to do but this will make your life easier.

In the past, I recommended importing your blog via the Facebook Notes feature. Don’t do that. The Notes import has become buggy and slow. It’s a much easier setup but the blog post won’t show up for days and that’s annoying.  **Update: Facebook Notes is now completely disabled – making Networked Blogs a better choice.

What I recommend now is the Networked Blogs application within Facebook.  Here are some of the great features that I like about Networked Blogs:

  • Any new blog post you have is automatically posted on your profile wall or fan page wall (you have to set them up separately) and sent out to your friends or fans news feeds.
  • The post look nice on your wall.  The thumbnail shows your your blog or a picture from the post itself.
  • You can find your Facebook friend’s blogs easily and follow them.
  • You can invite your Facebook friends to follow your blog
  • You can repost a blog post easily from the status bar

The setup is not bad, a little confusing sometimes, but that’s why I make a video tutorial for you.  You will need to post some code onto your blog temporarily to verify that it’s your blog.   Watch the video to see some of the tips and tricks on setting it up.


To use the Syndicate feature to post automatically, just go to the Syndicate area:

What you will want to do is add it as a tab on your Facebook Page.  You can do that by clicking on your Blog within the application on the left side and then click Add Tab to Facebook Page as shown:

Hope this helps and make sure you follow my blog posts by putting your name and e-mail in the right side of this page or clicking on the RSS feed symbol.

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