What to Do If Your Facebook Account Has Been Hacked

All of a sudden your Facebook account is posting weird things on all your friend’s walls about some new diet or some “funny” video that they have to watch.  But it’s not you!  You aren’t on some crazy diet.  What’s going on?  Most likely it’s an Application.

Facebook Applications are developed by 3rd parties and they aren’t always above board.  Some of these developers are just looking to get their spam out onto Facebook and that burns my bunions.  Many times you don’t even realize you have given an Application permission to access your information.  You are happily clicking around Facebook tra-la-la and bam, you’ve given an Application permission to post to your wall or more.  Sneaky little devils.

Here’s what to do when that happens:

  1. Change your password.  Just because that’s easy to do.  Go to the upper right corner and click on Account and then Account Settings and then your Password can be changed there.
  2. Check your Applications.  Again in the upper right, Account, then Privacy Settings.  Then in the lower left under Apps and Websites click the Edit your settings link.  This will show you all the Applications that have access to your profile.  Some of these Applications have the ability to post on your wall or your friends wall.  Delete any App that you don’t recognize.

Now maybe your account has really been hacked and you can’t get back in and bad things are happening.  In that case, you can lock it down by going to http://www.Facebook.com/hacked.

UPDATE:  I can’t help with hacked accounts – I don’t have any inside contacts to Facebook.  If you have been hacked, use the website above and go through the steps listed there!  The other place that will give you more information is here:  http://www.facebook.com/report/

Watch the video for all the details and be careful out there!

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  1. Sending this to a friend who was hacked yesterday and is very embarrassed about it!

  2. Sending this to a friend who was hacked yesterday and is very embarrassed about it!

  3. Thanks John – it’s been happening more and more! Those Apps developers are sneaky. Not all Apps are bad but there are some spammers!

  4. Thanks John – it’s been happening more and more! Those Apps developers are sneaky. Not all Apps are bad but there are some spammers!

  5. my facebook is hacked and i cannot open it she changed the password what can i do? manny manny days has come and no change again

  6. Have you gone to http://www.Facebook.com/hacked to secure your account? Then I would go into http://www.facebook.com/help and contact Facebook. Good luck!

  7. Regina says:

    Didn’t even know about the apps thing…… I just went in and deleted them all! Thank you. I had 61 and only thought I had about 5.

  8. Tim Malone says:

    More great content that badly needed. Thanks for keeping us all informed! I hope I never need this tip, but at least I know now.

  9. Yes! Thanks Grandma…as usual…making a million notes! san

  10. ive been hacked and cant get my account back help please:(

  11. Jan Drummond says:

    I can’t even access my account, it says not there, it is being used by StacyWilli, all info is the same as my page, but the email and url is changed to her stuff, I froze it or so I thought but she is still using my account and I still cannot access it, I even went in to hers and changed her password but it didn’t work she is still posting under my picture and all personal info is still mine according to a friend who checked out this page.  I used the hack my page thru facebook and it didn’t help I still can’t access but she can.  I don’t want to start again because all my pics and info is on my facebook page that she is using.

  12. That is so frustrating! I think you are going to have to send repeated e-mails to Facebook – they do respond but sometimes they are slow! Good luck – I hate those hackers.

  13. Mallikrishna_007 says:

    thank you…………….i think my FB account is safe now……….

  14. my facebook account has been hacked , had the hard drive on my computer wiped clean,nothing detected. possible bot or key logger program . every time i reclaim my account with a new email address fb puts you on a 24 hour security suspension and when you get to log in it changes your password so you can`t log in. please give me some advice 

  15. I Cant Get On My Account I Dont Know If I Was Hacked Or Not Please Help Me Now I Can’t Play My Games Now D: Help!

  16. Campnjohnny says:

    Not certain what’s going on but I get a followup from face book that A new unknown device logged into your Facebook account (Wednesday, February 29, 2012
    at 12:05pm) from San Antonio, TX, US (IP= (Note: This location is
    based on information from your ISP or wireless provider.) also at times when signing on I someone tries to redirected me to another site and my chrome says do not proceed. Where do I go or what do i do for help?

  17. Be very careful! Sounds weird. I would go to http://www.facebook.com/hacked or go to http://www.facebook.com/help and report it!

  18. Buddymenot says:

    I’ve been hacked on Facebook!
    When I tried to log into Facebook and they told me that my account had been “compromised”. To verify that it was really me trying to log in this time, Facebook sent a link to my email address. I opened the message and followed the link provided, I changed my password but Facebook was still not satisfied that it was me. Now they want me to identify people in my pictures and in my friends list …I have absolutely no idea who any of these people are! Whoever got into my account uploaded pictures of people that I don’t know to my albums and as far as identifying any of the people in my friends list …HA!  99% of them are people I added as friends just because some of the games I play requires that I have “X” amount of friends who also play.
    If you have any idea how I might be able to regain control of my account I would be most grateful!
    Thanks a bunch!
    – Jeff

  19. That is so frustrating Jeff! Argh! Can you send them any other identifying documents like a driver’s license? I agree, I have a lot of friends that I don’t really know by photo either. That makes it tough! Darn Facebook hackers.

  20. Vincent001 says:

    help me pls !!! my facebook account was hacked by someone he keep on change my email and password … what should i do ????

  21. Chinesebook1998 says:

    my account has been hack.i tried  to verify it but facebook keep saying there is an error….

  22. Shady_slim3 says:

    help mee plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz my fb i.d is hacked

  23. Shady_slim3 says:

    plzzz help me my f.b i.d is hacked they are posting nude pics plzzz help me grand maa

  24. settie xhiao says:

    i’ve been hacked please help me to my accounts back asap

  25. Laimz_amy says:

    ive been hacked out of my email and facebook account and cannot get back into either one at all i need help! ive tried everything

  26. Island_mangano11 says:

    mm check ur email.. change ur pass…

  27. Dustypink says:

    facebook hacked yesterday a person named james Turner has taken over my account and facebook have done nothing about it

  28. Marioenciso13 says:

    what is this fuck u

  29. Aarani1996 says:

    same thing happened to me, u can try sending your ID to facebook  
    http://www.facebook.com/help/?faq=159096464162185 i havent tried yet but my cousin said it works, for me the hacker hacked me e-mail my moms and my cousins!

  30. Aarani1996 says:

    PLEASE HELP!!! my account was hacked about 2 months ago and i got it back because the hacker forgot to change my alternative e-mail. Now two months later they hacked my e-mail, my moms, and my cousins! and also my facebook! I created a new e-mail and then  i had to prove my identity to facebook, and i was successful! Facebook says it sent me an e-mail and if i do not get it in 30 min, i have to click a link. I DIDNOT RECIEVE THE E-MAIL SO I CLICKED THE LINK AND IT DIDNT WORK!, The link was not working! urgghhhhhh help! i dont knw what i should do!

  31. whats the email address from where we can send the information?

  32. Someone hacked my account changed my email address and deactivated it. I am soo stressed, dont know what to do, nothing seems to work.

  33. Chicagoboyonleland says:

    My account also has been hacked…with the hacker changing my email addy to theirs…and changed the password. If i try and login under the hackers name..I can see my picture on the login page but i cannot access it because they changed the password…now when I try and recover my account i get a message saying my account is temporarily unavailable..login and follow instructions…I cant login because the password is changed…what the heck do I do now?

  34. Sweetheart166 says:

    I am in the SAME exact situation. I can’t find a solution. Did you find one yet? 

  35. Sweetheart166 says:

    Same here! What did you end up doing?????????

  36. Saifalikeshvani says:

    someone has changed my email id please help me

  37. Some one change my password and cant cancel it help

  38. Challah Back. says:

    Do not SEND anyone your Drivers License information,its Facebook people not 
    Bank information.you can stand to lose this account and create a new one if fb is willing to investigate they can eventually reopen it with time.

  39. Leefay1986 says:

    Somebody help please. My account has temporarily been blocked I have to upload photo I.D to be checked to Makesure everything’s okay. Does anyone know how long this will take before I’m allowed to go back on? Thanks :)

  40. JIll Ann Meyer says:

    I need help with a Mn posting things in private to hurt other people and he wont take it off i so need help please

  41. Shyriveral says:

    someone change my password please help me…

  42. Tainaandraes says:

    someone changed my email and pasword >.< what do i do?????????? please help

  43. if enough people say enough and leave facebook……. 

  44. freethinker says:

    how do i find out who hacked my account if they sent false messages to some one and got me in trouble but it wasnt me. the messages were deleted before i could see them some how. how do i find out what happened and how to prove i did not do it.

  45. Nkbhashani says:

    my ac is blocked and i cant identify my friends profile pic due to they have change and some forget

  46. dominique says:

    i cant acces my account it say someone changed your passard and hen i go to reset it it says come bac in 24 hours and hen i came backin 24 hours it still does not ork so aht do i do i tryed everything

  47. how to lock the facebook acount ? to avoid the hacker?or he or she not find my username?:(

  48. my account has been hacked and the e-mail address has been changed i have tried everything to recover page and it wont allow me to verify my account because it keeps sending password to the hackers e-mail address what do i do

  49. The biggest problems with hackers getting access to your account is Facebook Apps. Go into your Account Settings, click on Apps on the left side and then delete anything you don’t recognize! And change your password. Hope that helps!

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