All of a sudden your Facebook account is posting weird things on all your friend’s walls about some new diet or some “funny” video that they have to watch.  But it’s not you!  You aren’t on some crazy diet.  What’s going on?  Most likely it’s an Application.

Facebook Applications are developed by 3rd parties and they aren’t always above board.  Some of these developers are just looking to get their spam out onto Facebook and that burns my bunions.  Many times you don’t even realize you have given an Application permission to access your information.  You are happily clicking around Facebook tra-la-la and bam, you’ve given an Application permission to post to your wall or more.  Sneaky little devils.

Here’s what to do when that happens:

  1. Change your password.  Just because that’s easy to do.  Go to the upper right corner and click on Account and then Account Settings and then your Password can be changed there.
  2. Check your Applications.  Again in the upper right, Account, then Privacy Settings.  Then in the lower left under Apps and Websites click the Edit your settings link.  This will show you all the Applications that have access to your profile.  Some of these Applications have the ability to post on your wall or your friends wall.  Delete any App that you don’t recognize.

Now maybe your account has really been hacked and you can’t get back in and bad things are happening.  In that case, you can lock it down by going to

UPDATE:  I can’t help with hacked accounts – I don’t have any inside contacts to Facebook.  If you have been hacked, use the website above and go through the steps listed there!  The other place that will give you more information is here:

Watch the video for all the details and be careful out there!