Brain freeze!  Gotta get the blog post out and feeling fresh out of ideas?  Here are 6 great places to find ideas for your new blog post.

1.  Questions on your Facebook Page.  Are people asking questions there?  If so, turn it into a blog post!  Or even a recent discussion you had with people there can be turned into a post.  If you don’t have a lot of activity yet on your page (make sure you are letting people know that they can post questions there), go to a competitor’s page and see if there are questions posted on their page that might be a good post.

2.  E-mail questions.  If you have a list of e-mail subscribers, you may be getting questions or comments from them that could be handy.

3.  LinkedIn Answers.  Go into your LinkedIn account, click on the More button on the menu bar and select Answers.  See what questions are being asked there in your area.  Type in some keywords into the search bar to narrow it down to your niche.

4.  WordTracker Questions.  WordTracker is a keyword search tool but they also have a feature that tracks what questions are being asked on the search engines.

5.  Other blogs.  Make sure you are subscribing to other blogs with Google Reader and keeping track of blogs in your industry.  You can also find blogs listed by category at Alltop.

6.  Twitter Search.  Do a search on your keywords and see what people are talking about.  You don’t have a Twitter account to do this.  Click on the Advanced link and put some question words in the search along with your keyword to see if people are asking questions about your topic.

Watch my video to see how to use these tools.  I also give away my secret to good meatloaf in the video.  How about you, where are your best places to find blog posts ideas?