If you have never commented on a blog before, now is your time! Stop lurking around and post a comment! Why? Here are some fantastic reasons:

  1. Participate in the conversation.  Commenting on blog posts is a great way to enter in the community.  You don’t have to have any deep insights, you can just say thanks or you  don’t agree or whatever people, don’t overthink it! Put the Social into Social Media.
  2. Get more visibility in your niche.  Find blogs in your niche and when you have something intelligent to say, people will start to look to you as an expert.  Plus you are connecting with the blogger – bloggers love comments.  Unless they are spammy – don’t be spammy!  You know how Grandma feels about spamminess!
  3. Find new people to visit your site.  When you leave a comment, you leave a link to your website that people can click on (usually by clicking on your name) and visit your site.  I regularly get a lot of new visits to my website from the comments I leave.
  4. Sometimes you will get a backlink to your site which Google loves.  Some blogs have the “no follow” tag set up so you essentially don’t get credit for the link back to your site (to prevent spammy people from gaming Google).  But that’s ok.  Participate anyway!

Allrighty – now you know why, let’s get to how.  Before you comment on a blog, you want have your picture next to it.  All that branding you are doing out there.  First go to www.gravatar.com and enter in your e-mail and upload your picture. Do the same at www.disqus.com

Then you are ready to comment! Do it here, do it now or find another blog – just go! Watch the video for more information.