What Should I Blog About

What should I blog about?  Anyone else sit at their computer the night before you should have your new post out wondering the same thing?

Maybe I should look at my Facebook feed and see what people are talking about over there.

Oh I know, I could look at my 10 most recent blog posts and see what I should talk about next.

Or I should look at the keyword research I had done earlier in the year.

Hashtags are good, I should look at hashtags for 40 minutes.

Actually if I head to the kitchen and get a quick snack, that will probably help.  And if I’m having a snack I should probably make some tea.

Oh while I’m in the kitchen I’ll just straighten up a little.

And now I’m ready to start my blog post.

So I’ll just write the title down.  Oh wait, I blogged about this 3 months ago.

Before I go any further I need to do my client work. That’s real work. And then answer these emails.

I could go look at Answer the Public and put my keyword in there.

Or I’ll go to Buzzsumo and see what things have been shared the most around my topic. I probably should read between 5-10 of these articles first.

Now I feel like of bad because these articles are way better than the one I was going to write. Crap.  Why am I blogging anyway?  Everything has been said already.

Ok now I need some chocolate or some ice cream. Or maybe a glass of wine.  Wait it’s only 2 pm.

Why don’t I go to my huge list of blog post ideas that I keep in Google Docs.  Nah, none of these sound good anymore.

Maybe I’ll Google “What should I blog about?” Google knows everything.  Except that.

Actually here’s a great article from Duct Tape Marketing on how to generate blog post ideas. Oh that’s really good.

I should probably spend an hour or so doing those things.

Maybe I could just update an older blog post and re-release it.

Ugh now I’m sad about how terrible my old posts look.  I’ve been blogging since 2009. They weren’t pretty.

And look at my About page, that needs some updating, too.

Now that I think about it, I’m just procrastinating.  And now it’s 11 pm.

Can anyone relate?