How to Get Your Custom URL for Your Fan Page

When you start a Facebook Fan page, you get a big, ugly link that looks like this: Whoa that’s ugly.  The link, not the sandwich.

There’s good news.  Once you get 25 fans, you can get a pretty link like this (also known as a custom URL).  Now that’s a nice link and one good looking broad.

All you have to do is go to to set your link.  But HOLD ON, not so fast there, sister.  This can be a minefield because you can very easily set the username of your Personal Profile to the one you wanted for your Fan Page.  And you cannot change it!  You can talk all you want to the Facebook hand but they aren’t listening.

Here is how you avoid that mishap.  Make sure you click on the small link below the main area that says Set a username for your Pages.

Custom Facebook URL

Then you can see if the URL name is available – grab it while you can.  Watch the video to see exactly where to click.

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