I had the pleasure of interviewing Melissa Hourigan of Pixorial recently and woooo did we have fun!  Melissa and I had met a while ago and have kept in contact through Twitter and Facebook.  I love social media.

She showed me all the cool things that Pixorial can do.  Pixorial is a new video sharing application for Facebook.  You can also store your videos online and share them with friends and family through e-mail.  You can restrict who can see them, edit them, add music and post them to your Facebook profile.

I don’t know about you, but if you’ve ever dealt with some of these video editing programs, they can be very irritating.  Not Pixorial – it’s easy-peasy.  Plus people can add their own clips and you can create a whole video album.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Here’s our interview (watch out for the ending, I start losing my wardrobe – no nudity) and stay tuned for a video tutorial on Pixorial. You can access Pixorial on Facebook by doing a search on it or go directly to the www.Pixorial.com website.