I sat down with Michelle Cross who has had great success creating Facebook Events for The Journey.  The Journey offers a number of products and workshops based on the work of Brandon Bays.  The work is a mind-body healing technique working at the cellular level.

Michelle recently had an impromptu workshop and only had 2 weeks to prepare.  They didn’t have time for the press releases and advertisements that they normally do.  So what did Michelle do to get over 80 people to the event?  She used Facebook.  It’s a powerful tool, people.  Let’s examine what Michelle did right.

1.  She created a Facebook Group:  The Journey – Official USA Group and it’s currently at 366 members.

2.  She created an Event and invited all the members to the event.

3.  She encouraged people to share the event with others and even sent special e-mails to personally ask people to invite everyone they could through Facebook.

4.  She also sent the invitation to the e-mail list but most people RSVP’d through Facebook.

It’s also worth noting that they didn’t use Twitter – they don’t even have a Twitter account.  You don’t have to tweet if you don’t want to!  I keep telling you that.  Check out the video for more on how Facebook Events has helped The Journey.

Grandma with Michelle Cross and Valerie Stillman of The Journey