Old Spice Guy, Please Don’t Go, I Think I Love You

If you haven’t see the Old Spice guy yet, I have to say, I think he’s hot. His YouTube video responses to Tweets have been regularly bringing down YouTube over the last few days. And Old Spice has gotten so much free press, it’s brilliant. Take a look at the articles in the Huffington Post, LA Times, E! Online, not to mention hundreds of blogs.  Now that’s viral.  To see more of his videos, take a look at his YouTube Channel:  www.YouTube.com/OldSpice

Today he announced he was through and I’m heartbroken because I think I love him.  I made my own video response and I could use your support through this difficult time.

My desperate plea:

Some of his videos:

A response to @WSpenser

Here’s his farewell message:

Here he asks @JSBeals girlfriend to marry him – @JSBeals, not the Old Spice Guy

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