Dave TaylorI had the privilege of interviewing the fantastic Dave Taylor the other day and he is a hoot!  And he knows everything – if you don’t believe me, just ask him.

He is a true renaissance man running three blogs, his very popular Ask Dave Taylor site where he answers any technical question you throw at him,  another on Attachment Parenting and his third, a movie review site called Dave on Film.  Also he’s written a slew of books, he helps start up companies through his Intuitive Systems company, writes a newspaper column and has time to do interviews – when does this guy sleep?

We talked about his recent BlogWorld trip, why it’s a good idea to attend events like BlogWorld, and where to find all the good info at those events.  Plus he shared one of the hot tips for the future of social media discussed at BlogWorld.  I found out Grandma’s on the right track 🙂  Thanks Dave!