If you are sick and tired of your corporate job and dream of being your own boss, then you need to meet Pam Slim.  She is fantastic.  Not only has she written a wonderful book, Escape from Cubicle Nation, but she also has a practical and informative blog that can help you make the transition.

I had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing her (and actually sharing a house with her!) at the SXSW conference in Austin.  She is one smart cookie and I just picked up a copy of her book myself.  Everyone can benefit from some of the great insights she has in this book.  Here is an outline of her book:

1. I have a fancy title, steady paycheck, & good benefits. Why am I so miserable?
2. If it is so bad, then why am I so afraid to leave?
3. Detox from corporate life
4. What’s really involved in moving from employee to entrepreneur?
5. What are all the ways to be self-employed?
6. How do I choose a good business idea?
7. Recruit your tribe
8. Rethink your life: Options for scaling back, downshifting, & relocating
9. Do I really have to do a business plan?
10. Define the spirit of your brand
11. Test often & fail fast: The art of prototypes & samples
12. Look your finances in the eye
13. How to shop for benefits
14. Dealing with your friends & family
15. Line your ducks in a row
16. When is it time to leave?

Great stuff!  Make sure you check out her website and watch our fun interview, we had a blast!