Do you know what a business mastermind is?  Would you like to know how to run a mastermind effectively?  Then Karyn Greenstreet is your woman.

Karyn has been facilitating Masterminds and teaching small business classes for over 25 years.  I think she started when she was 12 🙂  I met Karyn first online and then in person at our own mastermind session.   We formed a mastermind group from a group of women that all met in an online course.

We spent the weekend brainstorming on our businesses, discussing challenges, outlining new courses, and coming up with the strategy to launch those courses.  It was fantastic!  I highly recommend spending focused time working on the big picture for your business.

Get some more tips from Karyn on how to create your Mastermind group in our interview – we had a fantastic time!

Find out more at Karyn’s site Passion for Business!  And tell us what you think in the comments – do you Mastermind?