Grandma Mary and Sarah Arrow

Yeeha!  In my recent trip to London I had the pleasure of interviewing Sarah Arrow of Birds on the Blog.  This is a fantastic award-winning multi-author blog and she shares some of her tips of running a blog like this with us.

They post an amazing 30-some posts per week which is amazing!  Make sure you check them out at


She also helped me film my London Twitter Street Walking video where I really got to the bottom of what people do while sitting in front of St. Paul’s Cathedral – or “Center” as I like to call it.

While I was in London, Andrea had a few speaking gigs and got to speak at the Business Scene Breakfast.  I didn’t get out to that unfortunately – it was very early even though I love a good danish in the morning.  But one of the Birds, Alice Elliott wrote up a very nice post with a few tips in there on the Birds site:  Automated or Manual Which Produces the Best Result?

In any case, I had a great time in London, connecting with new people, especially the lovely Birds on the Blog at lunch in a pub that was founded in 1430 – I felt like a spring chicken.

I highly recommend getting out and meeting people and you don’t even have to go to London to do it.  Have some fun and take some time to make these real connections because your online relationships will be so much more fun and meaningful!

Grandma in London