Ted Dorr has been tweeting about delicious pizza for almost 2 years.  Ted and his wife Cyndi are the owners and founders of two Double D’s Sourdough Pizza restaurants in Colorado.  He has a vision for many more restaurants and Twitter is helping him bring people in the door.  He has over 2,600 Twitter followers @DDPizza.  Here are some of the things Ted is doing right with Twitter.

1.  Talking with others.  He has been great at talking with his customers and other Tweeple.  Don’t make it a one way conversation.

2.  Not just tweeting out specials.  He doesn’t do a lot of discounting – this pizza is delicious and high quality.  If you want cheap, go get yourself a Red Barron.  He tweets out interesting pictures on behind-the-scenes activities and blogs about how their pizza is different than all the rest.

3.  He hosted a Tweet-up.  He used Twitter to help connect the community and find new local followers.

4.  He advertises his Twitter handle well.  He has a tv with the Twitter stream up and puts his Twitter info in all his e-mail signatures.  Nice!

Watch our video – he is a hoot!

Ted Dorr and Grandma Mary