Success Secrets of the Online Marketing SuperstarsI am so excited to be part of this new book, Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars.  Each co-author has a chapter in the book and mine is titled How to Create and Implement a Facebook Strategy That Converts.

The interesting thing about this series of books by Mitch Meyerson is that when I first started my blogging business years ago, I read one of these books because it had some of my heroes in it – Brian Clark, Mari Smith, Chris Brogan, Joel Comm, Ann Handley, and more.  I was totally inspired and fired up about how they built their businesses and the tips within the book. And now just a few years later, I’m part of this book, again with a lot of my heroes.  I’m humbled and honored.

If you go to you also get some bonus audio (with myself) and you can also order from there as well.  And some of the authors were on a Google Hangout sharing some tips – Denise Wakeman, Stephan Hovnanian, Mitch Meyerson, and myself. Here it is in case you weren’t able to join us.


Here is a list of each of the chapters and the authors:  

  • The New Rainmaker: Why Building Your Own Digital Media Platform Is Smarter than “Marketing” by Brian Clark
  • Youtility: Why Smart Online Marketing Is about Help, Not Hype by Jay Baer
  • Total Online Presence: The Seven Essential Stages by John Jantsch
  • Creating Your Social Media Strategy by Kim Garst
  • The No-Baloney Essentials of Content Marketing That Work by Sonia Simone
  • Website Conversion: Turning Strangers into Customers by Mitch Meyerson
  • The Shift to Visual Social Media: How to Create Visual Content that People Love to Share by Donna Moritz
  • How to Use Short-Form Microcontent to Amplify Your Visibility on the Web by Denise Wakeman
  • Perfecting PR: How to Quickly Attract Attention, Clicks, and Customers by Barbara Rozgonyi
  • SEO that Gets Results Today—and Tomorrow by Brian Dean
  • Email Lists: How to Create, Build and Maintain an Engaged, Responsive List by Syed Balkhi
  • Let There Be Links, But What Kind? by Eric Ward
  • How to Create and Implement a Facebook Strategy that Converts by Andrea Vahl
  • Connecting with Clients, Getting More Traffic, and Making More Sales Using Pinterest Marketing by Beth Hayden
  • Video Marketing: How to Win in a World Gone Video by Lou Bortone
  • LinkedIn Prospecting Strategies that Convert Connections into Clients by Viveka von Rosen
  • Google+: A Social Media Toolbox for Every Business by Stephan Hovnanian
  • How to Attract Leads and Drive Sales with Podcasting by Jason van Orden
  • Instagram for Business: How to Brand Your Business and Build a Loyal Following by Sue B. Zimmerman
  • It’s Time to Add Twitter to Your Core Marketing Strategy by Kim Garst
  • So Many Choices! How to Determine the Best Sites and Content Strategy for You by Bob Baker
  • What You Need to Know about Mobile Marketing by Kim Dushinski
  • How to Build an Award-Winning Blog in Six Months by Ian Cleary
  • How to Build a Loyal, Die-Hard Following of People Waiting for Your Next Offer by Craig Valentine

Hope you are also inspired by the content within the book.