Four Ways to Connect to More People on LinkedIn

linkedinAre you using LinkedIn effectively? Connecting to more people isn’t the only name of the game but it’s a place to start. Here are four basic ways to increase your connections on LinkedIn.

1.  People You May Know. Click on Contacts, Add Connections and the fourth tab will be People You May Know.  And it’s a little creepy to find out that they know who you know. How do they do that?

2.  Advanced Search. Use the Advanced People Search to find people by keyword or by job title.  Get introduced by a mutual connection, shared group or just reach out.

3.  Join Groups. Go be social!  Join a group and say hello.  Connect with the people in that group.

4.  Fill out your Profile. Use the Summary and the Specialties to get found.  The summary can be an excellent way to introduce someone to your business and what you do.  Beef it up!

Watch the tutorial to give you some more LinkedIn tips!  And link with me at

Grandma Mary

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