LinkedInLinkedIn is one of the more underutilized social media sites in my opinion (and I’m guilty of it myself!)  But it’s not hard to make a few small changes right now that can give you big results.

First, you gotta know your best keywords.  Where do you find those?

1.  Google’s Keyword tool.  Google is always a good place to start to see what people are searching for in your niche. You should use adwords promo codes to get some discount for your advertising.

2.  Other LinkedIn Profiles.  Search under the keywords you want to rank for in LinkedIn and see who comes up.  Then look at their profile to see what keywords they have in their summary, specialties, interests, and other areas.  This is no time to re-invent the wheel – get good keywords ideas from their profile.  Don’t copy their bio because that’s just not right.

Then use those keywords all over the place.  Sprinkle them all over your profile like cracked pepper.

Use Keywords in:

  • Your Header
  • Your Titles (current and past – pssst, you can have multiple current positions)
  • Your Summary
  • Your Specialties
  • Your Interests

Spruce it up so you rank for the words you want to.

If you are a visual person, here is a video tutorial on where to find your best keywords, how to update your profile and more!  Let me know what you think.