NSA Influence Slides – Facebook Ads

Thank you for attending my session!

Thank you so much for attending my Facebook Ads session at Influence.  I had such a great time presenting and you were a great group with so many wonderful questions!


Work with me

I know a lot of you asked about working with me personally to go deeper and get your Facebook Ad campaigns up and completely optimized to bring you business.
Here is more information about working with me:  https://www.andreavahl.com/social-media-coaching
I have worked with a lot of speakers, authors, coaches, and more.  I would love to work with you and your team!

What Happens When You Hire Me

  • You get the very BEST Facebook Ad strategies tailored for YOU and your niche.
  • You save HOURS of your time researching and guessing.  I recently talked to someone who had spent two days trying to figure out how to set up one Facebook Ad campaign and then it STILL wasn’t configured correctly and would have wasted her ad budget.  How much is your time worth?
  • We get right to work.  I’ve already done my homework and research on you and your business so we maximize our time together.  We can also get ad campaigns set up on our call with the shared screen if needed.
  • You get more than just Facebook Ads strategy.  I’ve been helping businesses for 10 years with their digital marketing and have been
  • You get assignments to continue your work as needed so we can come to our next session with more progress.
  • You get a recording of our sessions so that you can learn and review