Pep talk with Grandma MaryThere are naysayers and dream-stealers out there who might say some negative things about what you are doing. Don’t let those turkeys get you down.

The thing is, most of the time, those turkeys have some ulterior motives. Whether it’s the turkeys in your head or the turkeys you are related to, they are sometimes just looking out for your well-being.  Here are some reasons why people might discourage you:

1.  They are looking out for you.  They are worried about you making a mistake or taking a risk.

2.  They are jealous.  You may be having some success and people wish they could do it too but they say something negative instead of something encouraging.

3.  They are trying to alert you to a problem.  Sometimes people think they know more about your business or choices than you do or they have had a similar experience and want to alert you to a pitfall you might encounter.  But their journey is not your journey.

If you can see this negative advice as one of these things then you can thank the person and move on.  Focus on what you need to do and take any thoughts people have into consideration but stick to your path.  Make sure you keep away from toxic people who don’t have your interests at heart.

Also make sure you know how to deal with negative comments on social media.
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My favorite drawing from Sandra Boynton on this matter: