Pep talk with Grandma MaryIt’s time for another Pep Talk and it might be a little painful but it’s good for you.

Today’s topic is why you aren’t getting your brilliant idea out in the world and shipping it.  I know how it is because I’m a prime example.  I’ve been wanting to do more pep talks but I haven’t delivered the goods.

I was procrastinating doing more pep talks because of all 3 of the reasons I list.  So I knew I had to do a pep talk about it:



If you are the impatient type and can’t watch the video (even though it’s a hoot), here are the cliff notes:

3 Reasons You Aren’t Shipping

#1  You are waiting for it to be perfect

I get it, you want everything to be just right.  Well one thing I learned from Seth Godin is “All important work ships before it’s ready.  Don’t wait.”

#2  You haven’t allowed yourself enough time to work on it

While you don’t want to wait for it to be perfect, you also don’t want to put out crap.  Make sure you block out enough time to do it well.  Be your own customer.

#3  You think it’s all been done before.

You are right, it has.  But not by you.  Let your light shine.  You have a different take on it and your audience wants to get it from you.


We are going to work on this together.  I’m going to have a Pep Talk for you every Monday – think of it of Motivation Monday for the next 8 weeks at least.  You can hold me to that.  And in the comments below, I want you to tell me what you are going to do.  What great thing are you going to work on and get out into the world and when will you have it done?