I know you are working hard. You are exhausted. And I want you to take some time off – Grandma’s orders. You are working hard on your business and it’s tough. Blog, tweet, facebook, link, friend, follow, network, engage, help, serve, blog, tweet, link…repeat. Whew!

And what should you do next? What should be your strategy, your marketing plan, your next move? Yikes, it’s overwhelming. Maybe you are worried that you are doing it wrong.

That is exactly why you need to unplug, take some time for yourself and stop. Rejuvenate. Give your brain a break. So many of us entrepreneurs do not give ourselves permission to rest and celebrate our wins. This is a marathon, so don’t burn out.

Remember why your business is fun. Why did you start your business? Probably not to be up until 1 a.m. blogging, launching, etc. Get out into that beautiful day, take a deep breath and reconnect with what makes this fun for you. Then come back and say hello. We’ll still be here.