Grandma's getting angryI’m getting a little tired of hearing some people say, “You’re doing it wrong” or “So-and-so is doing it wrong”. I’ve got news for you folks – we are ALL doing it wrong. That’s right – you heard me. I’m doing it wrong, gurus are doing it wrong, we all get it wrong. So what?

But we keep doing it. And sometimes we get it right. If you get enough things right, at the end of the game you get a little medal that said “I got it right” (no you don’t actually get a medal but that would be nice – hopefully what you get is a little pile of money which is even better than a medal).

Don’t let the fear of getting it wrong stop you. Let yourself make some mistakes. Just keep going, keep doing things, learn and move forward. You can do this, I know you can. You are a smart cookie. Don’t let anyone tell you anything different, not that guru or that nasty little voice in your head.

You just tell that voice in your head to shut up if it’s telling you are doing it wrong. Grandma says so.

Watch the video because I’ve got some good advice in there too.