How to Make a Fantastic Sales Page with Premise

I love Premise!  It’s a handy WordPress plugin that you can use on your website to create gorgeous sales pages.  A sales page is a page on your website where the sole purpose is to talk about your product or service or free report.  It doesn’t have all the distracting sidebars or links or menus because the only thing you want someone to do is to either buy the product or sign up for the free thing.

Here’s one that I created in about 15 minutes for Social Media Manager School:

A while back I got the chance to interview the wonderful Sonia Simone about Premise.  But now, Premise 2.0 is out and it’s on sale!!

Premise 2.0 includes all the great features Premise already had, plus the ability to:

  • Build rock-solid membership sites with WordPress
  • Take recurring payments with automated access management
  • Automatically drip content out over time
  • Securely sell ebooks, software, and other digital downloads
  • Confidently create private forum areas with vBulletin
  • Quickly set up password-protected content libraries
  • Easily build check-out pages for PayPal and

Seriously don’t miss this! Premise 2.0: The Complete Digital Sales and Lead Generation Engine for WordPress (affiliate link but I only promote the best stuff!)


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