Today I’m taking a little break from social media and I’m going to talk Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  This a mysterious science for most website and blog owners.  How the heck does it work?  How do you influence your SEO?  And why do we have to have another annoying acronym out there?  All valid questions.

One thing that can help your SEO is inbound links.  An inbound link is another website putting a link to your website on their website.  You may have your website listed in LinkedIn or in Facebook or on a directory.  All of these links will help your SEO.  Plus they just help people find you in general.  Sprinkle your links around the web like pepper on your scrambled eggs.

Recently I had the honor of being included in the Social Media Informer which is a fantastic site with lots of great featured social media bloggers.  I highly recommend taking a browse around this site because it is jam-packed with good info.  On the site they have my posts listed with some of my recent posts and my posts with the highest traffic.  Why do I like this?  Because it gives a link back to my site and helps my Search Engine Optimization.  And it’s great exposure to a new audience.  Thanks Social Media Informer!

In my video tutorial below, I show you how to take a look at what sites are linking to you with the handy tool  Take a look at my video so you can see how to use this tool.  Pssst, here’s a secret, you can even look at other sites (ahem..competitor) to see who is linking to them!  Ninja.