We all need to take breaks from time to time.  This post is inspired by my last week where I was not on Twitter, I hardly posted to Facebook, I didn’t post anything to my blog and it felt great!

Don’t worry about taking some time off from Social Media.  People aren’t going to forget about you.  You need to get away from all the yammering out there and relax your brain.

Plus when you spend some time in a quiet place (like a small closet – well I don’t really recommend that, get outside into the sunshine or something), you will find that you get more inspiration for your business.  We are all so busy.  We just need to relax and take a deep breath and appreciate all that we have done in the past year.  Celebrate yourself.

Now I’m getting all new-agey – I better stop this post while I’m ahead.  Just remember to take some time off!  Social Media will be there when you get back.