Today I’m going to get a little serious on you.  I may even choke up a bit.  I’m going to talk about some fantastic ladies that have made a difference in my life.  These are amazing women who inspire, motivate and challenge me to be better.  Everyone needs people like this in their lives and I feel blessed that I have been connected to this smart and, I have to add, very good looking, group of entrepreneurs.

We connected via Twitter and that’s why I love Twitter so much.  If you don’t have a group like this, you need to get one.  Being an entrepreneur is hard work.  You need a support system.  Someone who knows what you are going through when you are feeling a little overwhelmed.  I love these ladies!  Follow them on Twitter.

@characterinc – Julie Watson Smith and I just live a few blocks apart but Twitter really brought us together.  She is an amazing mom, entrepreneur and passionate advocate of character.  She’s doing great things to teach families how to help their children grow into responsible, respectful, grateful people.  Which is a great thing – check her out She also has a fun spirit and gets me to jump in lakes in January.

@theinnermarykay and @affiliatewealthpartner – Mary Kay Morgan came to Boulder in September and I’m so glad she did.  She is a natural connector of people and will be always be there when you need her.  She’s doing some great things with her website that matches conscious businesses with affiliates.  She’s raising the bar and taking some of the yuckiness out of affiliate marketing.

@alexisneely – Alexis Neely is a dynamo.  She recently moved to Colorado and has so much going on it makes my head spin.  And she does it all well.  Which makes me a little mad but also inspires me.  She’s a lawyer, works with her LIFT foundation and recently launched her newest blog at about Life, Business and the Pursuit of Truth.

@melaniward – Melani Ward is one smart cookie.  She recently launched her newest blog at for those of us (ok most of us) who hate marketing.  She can actually make it fun again.  Plus she knows exactly the advice you need to hear at that moment- she’s kinda freaky that way.  In a good way.

@sandygrason – Sandy Grason is so much fun.  She owns the term “Hot Mogul”.  She knows how to make your business and life fabulous with her Fabulous Formula.  Just hanging around her is fabulous.  She also does Mojo Retreats with Melani to connect you with your Mojo.  Check her out at  And, mark your calendar for a Big Boulder Tweetup on July 24th –

There you have it – Five Fantastic Females.  Follow them!  I love you ladies!!