Grandma Mary doing Twitter interviews in ParisOhhh yeah, baby I’m in Paris!  And I’m walking the streets looking for people Tweeting.  You may have seen my other Twitter Street Walking videos but now I’m international.  I met a lot of fantastic people in this video, although some of them pretended not to speak English but they couldn’t fool Grandma.

Coming to Paris has been on my vision board for 4 years now and it’s happening.  I said when I got to a certain point in my business, I would treat myself to an international trip.  I love traveling and have been to Paris many times but it’s been 10 years since my last trip.

It’s important in your business to have some fun!  Make some goals and then when you reach the goal make sure you reward yourself.  Because you work hard!  Even if it isn’t as extravagant as a trip, make sure it’s something good.  Even just an extra cookie (Grandma said you could have two).

Seriously, I’ve had a lot of fun on this trip and I love getting connected with people through social media.  In fact, I posted about my trip on my Facebook Page and asked who was in Europe and got to meet a new friend, Khema Waasdorp.  We saw some sites, had some good laughs, walked around Paris, met more friends, and she was my film crew (thanks Khema!)  I would highly recommend that you go and Like her Facebook Page at – especially if you are in Europe!  Great info and great networking.

Grandma Mary and Khema

So the message today is, get out there, meet people you talk to online, and make sure you reward yourself for all your hard work!  Bon Sour!