Yes, it can happen to you! It happened to Grandma Mary earlier this week. I went to log into my Twitter account and was shocked to see this message “Your account has been suspended for suspicious activity”. I saw my 10,000 follower count put back to 0. I had to reach for the defibrillator.

Now just to clear my good name – you know how Grandma Mary feels about spammy people – it was an accident. But it caused me to do some research into why my account was suspended. I had to go and read the fine print in the Twitter terms! Luckily I had my bifocals. But I found some interesting things there that I wanted to share with you. There are activities that a lot of you may be doing that could cause you to be banned by Twitter. Let me tell you it’s not worth it! You’ve worked hard to build a following. Watch my tutorial:

Then take a look at the Twitter fine print here: Twitter Rules

If it happens to you, just submit a ticket. They are very nice over there at Twitter and will respond. It took about 24 hours but I was actually suprisingly productive during that time. But I wouldn’t give up tweeting for the world. Remember, don’t be spammy!