hootsuiteOooweee am I excited about the new Hootsuite 5! I was originally a Tweetdeck gal because I liked that you could see more tweets in each column. But Hootsuite fixed that with their latest version.

When I started looking at it this morning I started to get very cranky. It looked like you had to use the New Twitter way of Re-tweeting. I don’t like the new way. I’m old school.  You can’t edit it and the orignial tweeter doesn’t see these Hidden Retweets.

But there is a way to go back to the original way of retweeting and I talk about it in the video as well as show you a few other great new features.  To change back to the old way of retweeting, click on the Owl in the upper left corner, then Settings, then Preferences and uncheck Use Twitter Web Retweets.  Then you will be good to go!

I don’t go through all the changes – Hootsuite does a great job of doing that here.  I also have my more comprehensive Hootsuite Tutorial that you can check out. Let me know what you think – Hootsuite or Tweetdeck?