3 Tools to Write Irresistible Blog Titles

Do you want to how to attract more people to your blog?  Your blog post title is critical to getting people to click over to read more.

In this 45-minute Blab, Phyllis Khare and I go through a step-by-step process to use cool free tools to help you write an irresistible great blog title.

Watch the video here because we also talk about a lot of bonus tips – plus we had a lot of fun on our Blab as you can see 🙂

At minute 20 we talk about using numbers in blog titles and we reveal the best number to use in a blog title.


Step 1:  Know Your Keywords

Your first step is to know what keywords you want to rank for on Google and what keywords are best to use in your titles.

You may already know your keywords but reviewing this from time to time is a good idea!  Plus it can help to get fresh ideas.

Go to http://keywordtool.io/

Step 2:  Use a Tool to Create a Headline

Your next step is to create a headline.  Of course there are many ways to look at creating a headline but we were sharing tools that can help.



Once you create a headline with your keywords, you may also want to add the target audience in the name.  For example:  3 Facts  Small Business Owners Need to Know about Blogging.

Step 3:  Analyze Your Headline

The next step is to analyze how your headlines can resonate with people.

The first tool is from American Marketing Institute and that shows you how the headline will resonate emotionally with people.


The next one is CoSchedule which analyzes your headline on readability, length, grammar, and other facets.



Bonus Tools Mentioned:

Some of the questions that came up were around tracking keywords on your blog and we recommend the Yoast plugin for that.


I also talked about searching through one of my favorite tools, Buzzsumo, to help find good posts that have already gotten a lot of shares.  While you don’t want to copy those headline titles exactly the tool can be good for brainstorming.

We had some other questions about where to learn about blogging for beginners and we recommended these three sites:

What do you think?  How do you come up with interesting headlines for your blog posts?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!