Facebook Ads Choosing the Right Placement

Are you setting up Facebook ads and confused about the Placement options?  Choosing the right Facebook Ads Placement is critical to how your ads will perform.

Facebook placements are “hidden” from your immediate view AND Facebook also gives you bad advice in suggesting which placements are going to perform.

I see so many clients advertise in placements that waste their money and aren’t optimized!

In this article, find out which Facebook ad placements are right for you and how to breakdown your results.

Locating the Facebook Ad Placement choices

Facebook Ad Placement is at the Ad Set level when you create an ad in the Facebook Ads Manager.  Facebook defaults to “Automatic Placements” and hides the other placements under the “Edit Placements” selection – sneaky sneaky.

You should ALWAYS select Edit Placements so that you are intentional about where your ads are showing up.


Facebook Automatic Placements


When you select Edit Placements, now you see all your choices including places that aren’t on Facebook like Instagram and the Audience Network.

I typically always unselect the Audience Network for most types of ads.  The Audience Network is placement in mobile apps and other sites and can drive low cost link click costs.  But I rarely see conversions from the Audience Network.

Unselect Facebook Ad Placements


And you might “think” you are creating Facebook Ads when you are actually spending more of your budget OFF of Facebook.

Facebook Ads Placement Breakdown


Viewing the Breakdown Reports

Using multiple placements in your Facebook ad isn’t all bad.  Because some of the placements will have low potential reach, it doesn’t make sense to break out each placement into it’s own ad.  Other placements like Right Column can yield good results.

To see how your placements are performing,

Breakdown by Facebook Ad Placement


Look at placements that don’t work with the Facebook Ad report.  I test different placements and will occasionally see if the Instagram placement does well for certain boosted posts but I often find that it doesn’t.

Facebook ad placements in Report

Make sure you know where your ad dollars are going and having a strategy for your Facebook Ads.

I hope this was helpful in getting you started with your Facebook Ads and choosing the right Facebook ad placement!  If you want more information, make sure you grab my free mini-course on Facebook Ads!


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