How to get more Fans or Likers, let me count the ways.  Here’s a list and you may or may not like all of them.  What is your favorite method to get more people to your Facebook community?

1. Suggest your Page to your personal Facebook Friends (Update: the Suggest to Friends link is gone so now you can just post the URL to your Facebook Page as a link in a status update to let your friends know about your Page)

2. Ask your community to suggest it to their friends (Tell them to click the Share link on the bottom of the left sidebar)

3. Put a Like Box on your Website

4. Add your Facebook Page URL to your signature

5. Put a Facebook button on your website

6. Use to put little fancy buttons into your signature

7. Run a Facebook ad campaign

8. Put your Facebook Page URL on your business card

9. Tag other pages and people with flattering notes (use sparingly!)

10. Post every day

11. Encourage interaction on your posts

12. Write an article, submit it to places on the web and in the author bio, put your Facebook Page URL

13. Guest post on blogs and put your Facebook page URL in the bio

14. Use pictures creatively and have people share them

15. Write something controversial to get a conversation started

16. Tweet the link to your Facebook page occasionally

17. Make friends on forums and encourage people to Like each other’s pages

18. E-mail personal friends and influencers and ask them to share your page with their audience if it makes sense.

19. Make an interesting YouTube video and put a link to your Page in the description.

20. Put a link to your Page in your LinkedIn profile

21. Buy fans – just kidding. Never do that. Ever. I’m serious. Never.

22. Run a Fan of the Day (or Week) like Oreo to encourage interaction.

23. Have a Welcome Page that asks people to Click Like when they get to your Page. (Note- this option is no longer available but you can have exclusive content that they have to Like to access!)

24. Run a Contest. You will need to use an Application like WildFire or Votigo to do this.  Check out my posts on Facebook Contests

25. E-mail all your current customers and let them know about your Page.

26. Let people know what they will get when they Like your Page. Give them a top 10 reasons why your page will help them like Make Use Of

27. Put a sign up in your place of business.

28. Create a Welcome Page that has Fan-only content. They have to click the like button to get the special gift.

29. Share tips that will help your community. If you share valuable information, people will watch for your posts.

30. Offer special discounts and deals only through your Facebook Page.

31. When you create a Facebook Event, invite people and ask them to invite others – they will see the creator of the event as your Facebook Page

32. Put your Facebook Page URL into your signature in any forums you participate in

33. Be interesting

34. If you have an interesting link you are sharing, ask people to share your post with others (your Page name will show up when they share your post)

35. If you go to events, take pictures and have people tag themselves in the photos (you can tag them if you are Friends with them, otherwise, they will have to tag themselves)

36. Ask people to Stumble, Digg and Bookmark your Facebook Page.

37. Don’t oversell – too many sales posts and people will unlike or hide you.

38. Post videos – people love to watch short, helpful videos.

39. When you add new friends who might be interested in your business, suggest your page to them or send them an e-mail.

40. If you are in a Facebook group and it makes sense to post a link to your Page, do it. Don’t be spammy about it – just let them know what you offer on your page.

41. Create free content (e-book, webinar, radio show) and put a link to your Page in the content, or give your Page a plug.

42. Encourage people to post questions on your Page wall.

43. Share your own Facebook Page status to your personal profile. A link to your Facebook Page will be visible.

44. Ask opinions. The more people post that on your page, the more likely you will be Top News.

45.  Love your Likers!


What ideas would you add to this list?  Let us know in the comments below!

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