5 Examples of Small Businesses Doing Facebook Well

Would you like some Facebook inspiration for your small business?  I know that Facebook can be a challenge with the decline in Reach but there are techniques that are still working to get organic reach on Facebook.

Take a look at these 5 examples and see if you can try something new.

#1 Little Man Ice Cream

It’s hard not to love any post about ice cream but Little Man Ice Cream in Denver does a great job of posting beautiful pictures that feature both the customers and the people that work there.

They also do a great job putting together fun events for the neighborhood.

Little Man Ice Cream Facebook Event

And they re-share the Facebook events to promote them several times.

Example of Facebook Events

This cool video post also helped promote the event.

I think Facebook Events are getting a little more visiblity than they used to so if you haven’t tried one lately – give it a go for your Page.

#2 Quirky Momma

Quirky Momma may not feel like a “small business” with over 3 million fans but they started small and have quickly grown into a internet powerhouse.

They post a LOT on Facebook – typically over 20 times per day but they have also been using Facebook Live video and uploaded videos which are getting much better reach compared to other types of posts on Facebook typically.

Facebook Live videos can get a lot of engagement when you are live.

Quirky Momma Facebook Live video

And then uploading a video allows you to do things like add captions and do more editing.  Digiday reported that as many as 85% of people watch the video with the sound off so having captions or text on your video is a good practice.

Facebook Video Tutorials

Not only is Quirky Momma making their own videos, but they are sharing other good video content.

Share good video content on Facebook


#3 Vital Animal

Full disclosure, this is a client of mine, but I love what Will Falconer and his Vital Animal holistic animal education site did for his recent launch of his Natural Rearing Roadmap course.

He had a 3 video series with free report that we promoted with Facebook Ads.  We split test different audiences and different images so that we were getting the best cost per conversion for each free video.  Then we used retargeting ads to sell the course.  The promotional period lasted just over 2 weeks and the ROI was over 300%.

Vital Animal Facebook Ads

And along the way we were able to narrow down his target audience for future campaigns as well as see which offers resonated best for possible future products.

Vital Animal Raw Food Diet


#4 Green Oaks Antiques

Having a lot of great pictures is a little easier when your business is very visual like Green Oaks Antiques.  But they also do a great job of replying to posts, getting to know their customers, and having fun events.  You can see they have great reviews and comments.

Green Oaks Antiques Facebook photos


Holiday open house Facebook


#5 The Dairy Fairy

Full disclosure this is also a client of mine and I love the mission of The Dairy Fairy – beautifying nursing and pumping bras.  The company started when the founder had a baby and noticed a big gap in the market.  And now she has grown it into a full time business.

Her posts get great interaction but what I love about this video post was the involvement of the community to choose the next color in one of her popular bras.

Involving your audience on Facebook


You notice that many of these pages were using video in some way on their posts so if you haven’t taken the plunge with video yet, I encourage you to try it.  You can also find some good examples in this post:  11 Ways to Boost Engagement for Small Business.  And grab my latest e-book on Local Business Social Media tips

How to Grow Your Local Business with Social Media

5 Examples of Small Business on Facebook